Evaluate Mobile Data Aquisition

Evaluate the MDA-Client for Android

To allow intrigued possible customers to try out the user experience provided by MDA we offer a restricted Demo version of the MDA Client software free of charge.

The newest stable version can be is MDA-Demo in Google's AppStore Google Play (QR Code).

A snapshot, sometimes a little bit ahead, ist avaible as raw MDA-Demo.apk download. The self-update feature of the app uses this very source, too.

To evaluate the barcode features reasonably a printout of the following demo data barcodes is required: Measurement ToursMeasurement readers (Employees)Messurement Points. The layout of these PDF files is optimized for a popular business card template paper, Avery/Zweckform C32010.

Evaluate the web interface of the MDA servers

On request we can grant access to the web interface of the MDA demo servers.


Documentation about MDA is available online at mda-support.iteg.at.

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