Mobile Data Aquisition

Image © 2012 Höft & Wessel AG

Data aquisition is performed using a mobile application installed on a pratical mobile device (like skeye.allegro from Höft&Wessel). We deeply care for ease of use of the user interface as well as the hardware (usable with gloves, shock and water proof).

The synchronization of data with the server takes place using either the ethernet connection of a docking station, or WiFi, or cellular radio. No connection to a PC is required.

Measurement readers can be assigned to one ore more groups, groups and measurment rounds can be assigned to a specific part of your infrastructure. This approach reduces the length of lists the users has to cope with making choices.

During every synchronization with the server meta data and recent measurement data for each specified measurement round are downloaded to the mobile device. During measurement entry no server connection is required. Data of completed measurement rounds are uploaded to the server during the next explicit synchronization with the server. Uploaded data are delete on the device, the amount of data loss is kept to a minimum.

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